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The Amtower Report

Volume 7, #4, July 21, 2008

(The Amtower Report is an e-journal on the Business-to-Government market featuring the opinions of Mark Amtower, and occasionally reader comments. This newsletter is only sent to those who request it. Sign up for your free subscription at and if you like this newsletter, please pass it along to your colleagues. To unsubscribe, see directions below. The newsletter is posted each Monday at, and the latest “Off-Center Observations” is on the home page. All back issues are available at

In this issue:
Amtower Off-Center Observations
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Government Marketing Best Practices Returns
Events Worth Attending
Amtower on the Radio- WFED


Item: Robert W Bly, copywriter extraordinaire, has a free report on marketing in a recession (attached), which you can get here:

Item: Thanks to those of you who have dropped me a line or given me a call about the BtoB magazine Whos Who 2008 List:

Item: FCW honcho Chris Dorobek is starting a business book club. This could be interesting. Offer feedback and suggestions at

Item: FOSE sent out the first Save The Date email for FOSE 2009 (well, the first I have seen). I will be discussing the value of events August 12 (see Events below).

Item: There was also a Save The Date notice from Input about the annual Input Holiday party. I will be discussing the value of great networking events August 12 (see Events below).

Item: I have seen several emails recently touting a seminar in Las Vegas on Getting Your GSA Schedule. Is it just me, or is Vegas a venue that begs the question about what are the odds of a GSA Schedule helping you win business? I know it CAN help, but then I think of all those companies with Schedules that make no money. I will be discussing what it takes to make your GSA pay major dividends on August 12 (get  the idea you might want to attend?)

Not that I have an opinion.


Competition is more intense than ever in the government market. The GSA Schedules have more vendors – and still the top 2% take more than 65% of the total, with a couple thousands Schedule holders making $0. Since my first public seminar in 1991, I have been watching what works and what does not work in marketing to the government and I share that information in these seminars.

This is almost all new material, including a session on prospect identification and outreach – traditional marketing tactics that still work and Web 2.0 marketing tactics- social media, blogs, podcasts, webinars and more, including a few case studies – how some companies are using these new tools to maximize their presence and marketshare.

Thousands of people have attended this seminar since the first version in 2002 – you need to come see why. And if you have attended in the past, you already know you should be here this year.

There are only 60 seats, so reserve your seat NOW – the link is below in Events.


Beware of the SCHLOCK EVENT PRODUCERS, producing minimal value events that eat your money with no significant return! The events listed below are among those I think are worth your time, money and effort. Just because an event is not listed below does not imply it is not worth attending. If you want my opinion on a specific event or producer, call me. This topic is addressed more thoroughly in the members section at

August 6-7 Information Assurance Workshop, Ft Leavenworth KS.

August 12, 7:30-11:00AM – Government Marketing Best Practices returns as a live seminar to the Tower Club, Vienna, VA.

September 10-11, 2008 Army IA Workshop – Atlanta, Hosted by the Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM),


Upcoming shows feature Paul Sherman of Potomac Tech Wire (July 25), Steve Charles of ImmixGroup (August 1) and a small business show with Harry Ponack (Matthew Moving Company) and Martin Saenz (Signs by Saenz) for (August 8).

Amtower Off-Center airs Friday at 2:00 PM on WFED 1050 AM in Washington, DC and is simulcast and archived on Tune in to the only show for the government contracting community! The archives now have over 40 shows covering a variety a topics, many of which you will find events for out there that will charge you money. I have many of the most knowledgeable people in the market on my show and it is FREE! Check out the Audio Archives at .

As always, your comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.

Mark Amtower

The Amtower Report is published by Amtower & Company, and is written for companies targeting the government marketplace. The opinions expressed are those of Mark Amtower unless otherwise noted. Contact us at Amtower & Company, PO Box 314, Highland, MD 20777-0314 (301-924-0058). This material is copyrighted and may not be duplicated, reprinted or otherwise replicated without written permission of the publisher. Email subscriptions are free by request: sign up at

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