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Question: Who do you know that has (in the first 90 days of 2008) done at least 10 radio interviews, five speeches (four of which were paid), 11 print interviews (including Selling Power, NY Sun, Investors Business Daily, Christian Science Monitor, New Jersey Star Ledger, Chicago Tribune, Winning Bids, Maryland Daily Record, and Washington Technology), has garnered countless web references, three web TV interviews, and earned major quotes and anecdotes in three new books, two by major business authors (all coming out in 2008)? (See my 2008 Google press & web references - click here)

Question: If you knew this person, what are the odds that he/she would tell you how they got that much coverage?

Question: And if, by some bizarre stretch of the imagination, they were willing to share - how much would they charge?


I am the person described above, and while those were a pretty intense 90 days, they are not uncommon for me. Now let me ask a different question:

When was the last time you were listening to the radio and the host was interviewing an “expert” who was regurgitating common knowledge or spouting off a theory that had no chance of success?

And when was the last time you read a trade magazine and the "expert" being interviewed was boring, not very knowledgeable, or flat out wrong?

How often have you said, “I could do a better job than that moron!”

Why shouldn't it be you in the publication or on the radio?

It can be!

Alright (you say), I’ve heard this before! Who the heck are you?

My name is Mark Amtower and I am a nationally recognized expert on marketing to the government. My little one-person consulting company gets more press than any other marketing company in the government market. I have been quoted in the NY Times, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Washington Post, , Forbes, Entrepreneur (I was profiled in Entrepreneur in July, 2006), Washington Times and about 100 other publications nationwide, some big, some small. I was on the cover of Network World in 2002. I have been quoted somewhere in the media every month since 1996 - over 135 months in a row! I have also been interviewed on 50 radio talks shows around the country and now host my own radio talk show in Washington D.C.


Well, first, I do NOT use a PR firm - I get the publicity from my own actions, learned by trial and error over the past 14 years, and it is these actions, and a few other tools, that I share in my new CD program: Amtower’s PR Master Program.

Listen to the first CD

Being written about, interviewed on radio or in publications, gives your more credibility than any other activity – period. When you are the one being interviewed, you are the expert.

I have worked hard to get publicity and for the first time ever I am going to start sharing it with people other than my high-paying clients. And anyone who has some specific knowledge to share can generate publicity.

“Mark Amtower's program gave me access to national experts in how to use today's most powerful PR techniques -- most available free or at low cost -- and build my business. And it gave me access to Mark and his techniques. His no-nonsense concentrated course showed me the secrets to free tools and low cost techniques to connect with writers and editors and bloggers. Already I've gotten coverage in Fortune Small Business, Entrepreneur Magazine, and the Financial Post (Canada). Now I am building a PR community who are eager to write stories about my business and my client. Your only question should be: what would that be worth to you?”

Judy Bradt, Principal & CEO, Summit Insight

A quick story: The first 10 years I was in business I was an evolving thought leader in a vacuum - no press!

My turn-around started in 1994. In late 1993, I called the editor of Marketing Computers, at the time my favorite magazine. Dave Dix, the editor, had cut my favorite part of the magazine, the six-month calendar of events and the editorial calendars of the major IT publications. He took it out due to space considerations - something had to go.

We ended up talking for 45 minutes, with him asking more and more questions. At the end of the conversation, he asked if I minded if he had an editor call me the next week to do an interview.

Mind??!! No, of course Dave, I'll take the call.

Bronwyn Fryer called me the next week and the result was a four page photo spread and interview in the March 1994 Marketing Computers.

When this came out, I KNEW I had made it. The phone was about to start ringing off the wall and I was destined for mega-star status in the very near term. After all, this was obviously a journalistic coup!

Over the next few weeks, a couple people did call, a couple friends to say, hey, neat article, Click. Nothing else. Quiet time in Mark’s office. Very quiet time.


What happened? I assumed that all press people read each other’s magazines and used each others sources! Wrong! If I was news, I was already old news- and worse, someone else’s news.

So I sat down and had the Mark-to-Mark talk. What had I done to get the press? Called Dave to give feedback on the part of the magazine I considered important, information I thought Dave needed. And he appreciated the call.

Hmmm. Gave feedback to an editor. And he liked it... What if I targeted the top publications in my industry and ...gave editors and reporters feedback on areas involving my expertise when it was germane to THEIR needs???

By the mid-1995 I had started my press outreach program.

Since mid-1996, I have been quoted somewhere every month - .in some national, regional or very targeted publication, in some web e-zine, or company newsletter, I have a string of over 135 months of being quoted somewhere.

Not a bad start....

So what am I selling here? Nothing. I am asking you to make a $397.00  investment in yourself, in your future. I am asking you to develop and manage your own reputation. And I am offering the tools to do it. If and only if you are ready!

“If you are considering the possibility of using Mark’s program for a do-it-yourself approach, you are in the right place. Although I coined the nickname "Godfather of Government Marketing" for Mark, the knowledge he brings will carry you through most personal and professional endeavors.

Simply put, Mark is largely responsible for the initial and continuing momentum of The American Small Business Coalition. Mark's knowledge and network are responsible for The ASBC having input and often the last word in many industry articles and the relationships we've developed with reporters and editors in the government sector. We were informed by Inc. Magazine that The ASBC will be featured in an article in July. This is thanks to Mark also. If you come into any relationship with Mark with a willingness to learn, it will be a great experience.”

Guy Timberlake, Chief Visionary, The American Small Business Coalition

Click here now to order!

What I am offering in this CD series are the tips and tactics I have learned and used for myself over the past 14 years - tips and tactics that have led to over 50 radio interviews (the radio only started in 2006), more than 200 press clippings (including quotes in the LA Times, NY Times, Forbes, Network World, BtoB magazine, Federal Computer Week, Government Computer News, Washington Technology, Government Executive, Federal Times, Washington Post, Washington Times, and many others - including profiles in Entrepreneur, Federal Computer Week and Marketing Computers, speaking engagements all over the country and more. These are tips and tactics that work.

The good news is I am now ready to help other people achieve similar results without nearly the work I put into this, things I previously only shared with high-paying clients – and even then I did not show them how I did it.  The $397.00 investment is less than an hour of my consulting time.


What do you get?

First, lots of CDs – self-paced learning tools with a detailed workbook. CDs are great because you can use them again and again. In my library I have over 100 audio programs that I use regularly. No, not each one every week – but I always have at least 2 in my car.

What will you learn?

  • how to define your area of expertise - your niche – in terms that matter to editors, reporters and talk show hosts;
  • how to maximize the value of LinkedIn (or any social network) and other online tools to develop and expand your base;
  • how to use blogs and other e-communications to further establish your niche;
  • where to find the best media to reach your niche, and how to make it easier for them to find you;
  • how to approach each media: online, terrestrial radio, web radio, print – what do you say and what do you send;
  • tools for developing your media collateral (No! Your standard bio won’t work!)
  • what your pitch needs for each media;
  • developing targeted content to attract the right audience;
  • and the biggie, Getting Started!

Do you need it all? Maybe, and maybe not, but you will not know what works best for you until you know all the tools that are out there - and this is the best short-cut there is. And it is only a $397.00 investment.

Still have doubts? Listen to the first CD

Stop thinking that! I know several of you are experts in various aspects of this but very few people anywhere outside of Hollywood, sports or politics get the press I get.

In the last 6 months I have done 25 radio interviews around the country, been quoted in over 40 publications - including the NY Times, Chicago Tribune and Investors Business Daily, gotten quoted in at least three forthcoming business books, and have done 3 interviews on web TV.

I have also landed deals for two new books.

Here's the deal. I would like to offer this to you for free but it' has taken me 14 years to learn this, and now a ton of time and money to put it together. So invest in yourself to the tune of $397 and see where you can go. If you use this material properly, it will be a very sweet tune indeed!

So, if you or your business needs more visibility, and you have the brains and ego (yes, it takes both) to go after the media, make this investment NOW!

So, if you are interested, order. NOW!

That’s it for now. There is more to come!

Always the best,


Mark Amtower
Author, Speaker, Consultant, CEO Coach and Radio Host
“Amtower Off Center” Friday at 2 PM on Federal News Radio, AM 1050 in Washington DC – simulcast and archived at

P.S.  So if you need to

  • carve out a niche you can call your own
  • raise your overall visibility
  • get a new company on the map(!!)
  • get more press or speaking gigs
  • and fill the pipeline

this program can definitely help!

If you know me you know I don't put on a seminar or develop a program and announce an intellectual smorgasbord and serve only condiments. I deliver an intellectual feast - nothing fancy - but it is certainly "all you can eat" then a couple of doggie bags on the side.

I am here to tell you HOW I did it for myself, and I am here to SHOW you how to do it for yourself(!!);

I am not God's brightest child. If I can do it, you can do it.

Always the best,


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