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Amtower & Company – Market Advisors to the Most Successful Companies in the Government Market

What We Do

B2G (business to government) sales and marketing is different than B2B sales and marketing.

While some of the tactics may appear similar, in practice they are not. The lingo is different, the web tactics are different, the use of social media is different, the buyers are different, and the market is different. To create a viable B2G sales and marketing program, you need to fully comprehend the lay of the land. Entering the market without a thorough understanding of what is required will lead to an early exit.

If you are already in the market, maximizing marketshare in your niche is not a simple matter, it is not as formulaic as many ad agencies would have you believe.

So, when you want to make certain you get the absolute best advice about the government market… you go to the person who “wrote the book”….

What We Do

The business-to government (B2G) market requires special knowledge. There are best practices, adequate practices and poor practices. Each of these skills vary from niche to niche, from IT to furniture sales, from integration services, to selling boots. There is no one size fits all – pun intended, and we have advised companies across the product and service spectrum in our 30 years as a B2G advisory firm.

Amtower & Company is an independent consultancy. Senior partner Mark Amtower is known for his in-depth knowledge of the federal market and his candor. Established in 1985, Amtower & Company is one of the oldest and most trusted independent companies providing expertise on marketing to the world’s largest market – the U.S. Federal government.

Mark Amtower has unparalleled experience providing marketing advice to all manner of vendors, an experience spanning thirty-plus years and over 400 clients. If you have specific needs, go to the Inquiry Form at the bottom of this page or call me.

Amtower & Company is NOT an advertising agency. Our strength is in tactical advice, audience identification, reaching key influencers and supporting sales and business development goals, helping companies establish areas of Subject Matter Expertise.

When necessary, we advise our clients on selecting the best services available in the market: GSA Schedule negotiations, research, bid and proposal, advertising agencies, legal and accounting, public relations, HR and more. If I am not the right guy, I will find the right expert for you.

Many of the companies we work with have been clients with us for numerous years. And many of the people we work with come back when they change jobs.  We have current clients that date back to the late 1980s.

Two things set us apart: an extraordinary knowledge and experience base, and candor. If we feel you have a minimal chance in the market, we will say so before we take your money.

Services from Amtower & Company include –

Initial Consultations for companies new to the market and for experienced companies seeking to improve the return on their marketing investment

LinkedIn training specifically designed for your company to support sales, marketing and business development, or to get your senior executives directly involved in social networking and social selling.

Marketing Audit of your current B2G marketing program

Market Entry Assessment to give you a realistic overview of what it will take for you company to enter the market

Developing a Subject Matter Expert platform for your company

Government Marketing Best Practices (GMBP) Workshop

The most popular Amtower & Company seminar ever is available as an in-house workshop in the Baltimore-Washington DC area. It is available as a series of three webinars outside DC.

Hourly consulting

Call or email for pricing. 

“On-Call”, Retainer and Project Consulting

We will work with selected companies on long-term basis. Call email for details.

Mark Amtower    301 854 9493

Kudos from clients:

“Mark is the greatest. I have sent many of my marketing folks to his events. They all return inspired and smarter. He knows the industry like no one else.” – Craig Abod, CEO, Carahsoft, Inc.

“We have used Mark Amtower several times since the early 1990s and his advice has always helped us grow our business.” – David C Collins, CEO, Learning Tree International

“Your time on the phone the other day was the most productive time I have spent with anyone in the government market. Thanks!” – Scott Heller, former CEO, National Audio-Visual, Vermont.

“Mark knows federal marketing better than anyone else. If you sell to the federal government you need to engage Mark in one way or another as he will find a way to improve what you are doing or set you off on the right track if you’re new to the federal space. No one knows how to reach government buyers as well as Mark. I have no idea what he charges but I know that he is “Best Value!” – Phil Kiviat, industry veteran, President of Guerra Kiviat Inc.

“Mark knows the government business like few others and he has the battle scars to show it. Our customers always appreciated the candid insight and recommendations that ended up helping their bottom line.” – Aaron Heffron, government market analyst and research expert.

“I’ve interfaced with Mark in many ways, and always find him to be someone who genuinely wants to help executives grow their businesses by connecting them with other executives and companies. His knowledge of the government market is unsurpassed by anyone I’ve met .I can honestly say that mark ranks in the top five people that have helped me and my business since I started Croix Connect six years ago. I recommend that others tap into his vast knowledge of the government marketplace, and business in general. You WON”‘T be disappointed!” – Brian Roberts, CEO, Croix Connect

“Mark, I learned more in 3 hours from you than I have from our alleged government office in Washington in 3 years!  You are the best!” – John M, computer reseller in New Hampshire

“Mark, from one government guru to another, you are the Best of the Best!”
– Bob Gosselin, government marketing professional, Virginia

“Mark, in the three years we used your consulting we went from a distant second tier company to the leader of our category, increasing our sales by over $100 million – Wow!” – Director at a Computer Reseller

“I am sorry for the delay but I wanted to thank you for your insights and recommendations that you presented at the Los Angeles “Best Practices” seminar.  I have already spread some of your wisdom to my fellow government teammates…. Thank you again and I look forward to your future emails and advice.” – Todd

“Mark, one of the points you made when you were presenting here saved us tens of thousands of dollars a year! Thanks”- Director of a B2B Catalog Company

We will create a program that fits your budget and delivers results. We don’t believe that one size – one program – fits all. We will craft a program specific to your company that delivers real ROI on your B2G efforts. Our programs are designed to tie marketing activities directly to sales and business development goals and meet or exceed overall corporate goals in the government market.

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