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Government Market Master
Continuing Professional Education

The government contracting market has experienced dramatic changes, arguably more over the past few years than the preceding few decades. LPTA and FSSI are just the tip of the iceberg.

Add to that the radical and continuing changes in marketing to the government with the shrinking of traditional venues (trade publications and big events) and the emergence of web 2.0 tools like webinars, blogs and LinkedIn.

How are you going to survive and thrive in this new environment?

The Government Market Master program is designed to do one thing very well: provide an ongoing educational forum for government contractors who want to succeed by providing key employees with the resources and industry best practices they need. These include tools and tactics to cost-efficiently market and position the company, methods to expand their respective networks, connect to key decision makers in both client agencies and business partner companies, and to fill the pipeline for their respective companies with the most qualified leads available.

We offer seminars and workshops every month on topics pertinent to business development and marketing professionals, topics directly impacting the government contracting community.

The Government Market Master program is the only one of its kind anywhere.

There are currently six 4-hour workshops in the program, each designed to provide core skills to the attendees in areas that have identified themselves to be key to winning business in the government market:

  • Market research
  • PR and company promotion
  • Content marketing
  • LinkedIn for government contractors
  • Differentiation and developing a subject matter expert platform
  • B2G marketing best practices

Market research is fundamental and there are over one hundred venues to conduct free research for government contracting, most of which are overlooked, especially by those who are new to the market. Things as simple as scouring an agency web site for purchasing information, contract preference and key contacts; using to identify trends in purchasing across the government and buying trends for specific agencies; using publication web sites to determine the frequency a topic is written about; using LinkedIn to see the “bench strength” of a competitor for a specific skill set; and more.

PR and company promotion remains critical. The number one reason companies lose bids is that they are unknown to the buyer. Getting on the radar of buyers, the press and the market niche you serve is a learned skill. It does not occur without your active participation. However there are positive ways to get on the media radar and negative ways, ways which will help you get into a story and ways which will keep you out. Media and promotion skills are another key to success.

Content marketing may be a new phrase but it is not a new concept. Smart contractors have been engaged in content marketing for decades, but there are many new venues for developing and sharing content with carefully defined audiences. According to a 2015 Market Connections study, some form of content influences at every stage of the procurement process. Producing good content is part art, part science and understanding what buyers need to make decisions. Producing bad content is simple and occurs frequently.

LinkedIn for government contractors has evolved from a “probably have to be there” into a “must do it well”. With more than 1.5 million Feds on LinkedIn, and over 2.2 million groups, LinkedIn is the place to find and be found. Like PR, there is a right way and a wrong way, and mis-steps are costly. You can build a professional network, establish individual and company credentials, share your views and news, identify and influence buyers, get on the radar of primes and teaming partners, find media connections, and much more.

Differentiation and developing a subject matter expert platform is all the rage, but few do it successfully. Defining a differentiator that matters to the market and building an area of subject matter expertise around that differentiator takes discipline, focus, patience and execution. Most fail by step two, not wanting to focus on one major skill. To become a recognized subject matter expert, you must follow the process, then repeat it.

B2G marketing best practices evolve as the market evolves, as people change their information grazing habits. The Government Marketing Best Practices seminar was the basis for my first book in 2005. The seminar itself started in the early 2000s, has toured the country and evolved with the market. Over 5,000 people have attended some version of this session, many attending multiple times over the years. It melds elements of each of the other five workshops into a coherent study of what works in marketing products and services to the government.

Each workshop is offered once each quarter and a current schedule of workshops is on our company blog.

The total investment for the GMM CPE Certificate is only $1,770!

All sessions are held at the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship, 9250 Bendix Rd, Columbia MD 21045


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