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The Amtower Report

Volume 7, #8, September 29, 2008

(The Amtower Report is an e-journal on the Business-to-Government market featuring the opinions of Mark Amtower, and occasionally reader comments. This newsletter is only sent to those who request it. Sign up for your free subscription at and if you like this newsletter, please pass it along to your colleagues. To unsubscribe, see directions below. The newsletter is posted each Monday at, and the latest “Off-Center Observations” is on the home page. All back issues are available at

In this issue:
Amtower Off-Center Observations
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Some Thoughts on Social Networks, Part 2
Events Worth Attending
Amtower on the Radio- WFED


Item: Quote for the day: The government market is only sexy if you like money. Mark Amtower in Government Marketing Best Practices (page 2). This quote was meant to drive home the point that the government market does not get as much press as Hollywood. We are not celebrity infested here, and the only real star is the market itself. Those who start thinking of themselves or their companies as the center of this universe have already started their journey down the food chain. If you don’t have my book, it is available it is available from Amazon or by emailing me at .

Item: End-of-FY is here! Heard any great radio commercials or seen any really good end-of-FY ads? Send me a source. I will be discussing the state of marketing and advertising with guests TBA on my radio show on Monday October 6. And speaking of my radio show…

Item: My radio show is now on Monday at noon. WFED has move from 1050 AM to 1500 AM, a much stronger signal with lots of new programming. There are also many new online features at, including archives of all the shows – mine included. The station is gaining bandwidth in several ways, so stay tuned if you already listen and tune in if you do not.

Item: Right place, right time. Luck. This is what many people think gets their competitors into print or interviewed on the radio. This is not accurate. Very few people in the government market get as much press as I do, but very few study it as closely as I do. If you need publicity for yourself or your company you need to invest in my Ultimate Guide to Getting Publicity in the B2G Market. It starts Tuesday, October 7. Go here for details:

Item: Agency budgets in doubt - - John McCain wanting to end cost-plus contracts – and Barrack Obama making noise about reducing the number of contractors overall, are we in jeopardy? No. But with a $700 billion bailout for failed financial institutions coming down the pike, we may actually see reduced spending from many agencies for the first time in my career. Smarter marketing tied to sales results will be required to maintain your company at current levels. Brilliant marketing tied to great sales will be required for growth – are you up to the task?

Not that I have an opinion.


Since I wrote the first installment of this nearly four weeks ago, several new government focused social networks have pooped up on my radar. Among these are Government Communications 2.0 Network ( ), GovLoop ( ), and Federal Contractor (

Naturally I joined each, but LinkedIn remains my main focus on the social networking front. So why did I join? First, curiosity – I wanted to see how these might offer something different. Second, whoever recommended the site had some credibility with me.

What can social networks do for contractors in general? First, there are lots of government professionals on these networks, so you might be able to reach new influencers inside government through the social networks. The same is true for prime and sub opportunities. Using the Advanced Search function at LinkedIn you can search on a company name and see who and how many people from a particular company are in that network.

Social networking is now part of our landscape and it is here to stay. The NY Times and Fast Company magazine have announced social networks for their respective publications, I will be hosting a free teleseminar on social networking soon, and it is also part of my Ultimate Guide to Getting Publicity in the B2G Market program.

Stay tuned!


Beware of the SCHLOCK EVENT PRODUCERS, producing minimal value events that eat your money with no significant return! The events listed below are among those I think are worth your time, money and effort. Just because an event is not listed below does not imply it is not worth attending. If you want my opinion on a specific event or producer, call me. This topic is addressed more thoroughly in the members section at

October 2, Measuring Buzz,
11:30 AM – 1:30 PM, $50, includes lunch. Tower Club, Vienna, VA

October 28-29, FIAC,
Ronald Reagan Center, Washington, DC.

March 10-12, 2009, FOSE,

March 10-11, 2009, GovSec


Amtower Off-Center airs Monday at Noon on WFED 1500 AM in Washington, DC and is simulcast and archived on Tune in to the best show for the government contracting community. The archives now have over 60 shows covering a variety a topics, many of which you will find events for out there that will charge you money. I have many of the most knowledgeable people in the market on my show and it is FREE! Check out the Audio Archives at .

As always, your comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.

Mark Amtower

The Amtower Report is published by Amtower & Company, and is written for companies targeting the government marketplace. The opinions expressed are those of Mark Amtower unless otherwise noted. Contact us at Amtower & Company, PO Box 314, Highland, MD 20777-0314 (301-924-0058). This material is copyrighted and may not be duplicated, reprinted or otherwise replicated without written permission of the publisher. Email subscriptions are free by request: sign up at

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