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The Amtower Report

Volume 7, #1, February 29, 2008

(The Amtower Report is an e-journal on the Business-to-Government market featuring the opinions of Mark Amtower, and occasionally reader comments. This newsletter is only sent to those who request it. Sign up for your free subscription at and if you like this newsletter, please pass it along to your colleagues. To unsubscribe, see directions below. The newsletter is posted each Monday at, and the latest “Off-Center Observations” is on the home page. All back issues are available at

In this issue:
Amtower Off-Center Observations
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
Events Worth Attending
Amtower on the Radio- WFED


Item: Yes, it has been two months since the last newsletter.  I have been busier than usual. This past Monday I spoke at the annual National Truck Equipment Association annual conference. In contractor community around DC everything seems to revolve the IT budget. I have some news for you – federal, state and local fleets comprise more than 4,000,000 vehicles and the budget is HUGE! And I will be speaking at a building conference later this spring – which has an even bigger government budget.

Item: There are a ton of good events coming up, so spend some time below in the events section.

Item: My friend and former FCW staffer Sharon Elswick pursued a lifelong dream with her husband and opened a Bed and Breakfast in Orange, Virginia. BnBs are great for personal and exec retreats.

Item: Next week marks my first anniversary as a host on WFED and nearly the end of my  second year as a radio host. Let me know how I am doing.

Item: You need to read my new book, Why Epiphanies Never Occur to Couch Potatoes. If you don’t have a copy yet, go to  or Amazon, and get it. Of the over 500 comments I have personally received, there has been only one that was not positive. This book is well-worth your time.

Not that I have an opinion.


A few months back, Steve Sands  (who I had met several years ago) contacted me and asked me to speak to a group he belongs to in Harrisburg PA, the Kingdom Builders of Harrisburg. This is a group of Christian businessmen and women who get together regularly, and find ways to help people and groups in their communities by offering their respective skills. They also have guest speakers at their events.

This is the first event I have spoken exclusively on Why Epiphanies Never Occur to Couch Potatoes to a live audience (aside from radio interviews), and it was lots of fun. There were thirty or so folks in the large meeting room provided by Ameriprise Financial Services on West Main Street in Mechanicsburg, PA. I arrived a little early with Steve, went to the second floor meeting room, and started mingling with the attenders.

Mechanicsburg...I know someone there...

I heard a loud, confident voice ascending the stairs and I knew the voice. The voice had been a guest on my radio show when I was broadcasting out of Annapolis, MD. The voice belonged to Charlie Tremendous Jones, and the body attached came over to me, gave me a famous Tremendous hug, while Charlie whispered in my ear: I heard you were coming, Tremendous Mark, so I came to listen.

So Charlie "Tremendous" Jones was in my audience this morning - you cannot imagine the thrill for me. And it was a great meeting, where I met several wonderful people from central PA.

Afterwards, I wend over to Executive Books on West Allen Street - . This is Charlies business, where he sells both business and inspirational books through the store and the web. I only walked out with fifteen books, two audio programs and three decks of memory cards associated with the work of Napolean Hill, which Charlie sells much cheaper than anywhere else(!!), so I didn't do bad - although my to read stack grew appreciably.

For those who may not know Tremendous Jones, Charlie is one of the pioneers, along with Zig Ziglar and others, in the sales and motivational book and audio arena. He is a truly remarkable man in many ways, not the least of which is how he chooses to live his life. He has been an inspiration to untold tens of thousands over the years and remains so today.

It is past time for me to have Charlie on my new radio show in Washington DC, so stay tuned for Charlie Tremendous Jones on Amtower Off Center, coming in March, 2008.

Thanks Charlie, for giving me the thrill of a lifetime by being in my audience.


Beware of the SCHLOCK EVENT PRODUCERS, producing minimal value events that eat your money with no significant return! The events listed below are among those I think are worth your time, money and effort. Just because an event is not listed below does not imply it is not worth attending. If you want my opinion on a specific event or producer, call me. This topic is addressed more thoroughly in the members section at

March 25-26, 22nd annual National High-Performance Computer Conference, Newport, RI. , or call 401 624 1732.

April 1-3, FOSE, Washington DC Convention Ctr,

April 17-18, AFCEA Belvoir Industry Days featuring Army PEO EIS, National Harbor, MD

April 23-24, GOVSEC,

April 24, 18th Annual OSDBU Conference, Upper Marlboro, MD

April 28-29, NSA WorldWide Information Technology Conference (WWITC), Ft Meade

June 24-26, FEDFLEET, Dallas, TX,


Amtower Off-Center airs Friday at 2:05 PM on WFED 1050 AM in Washington, DC and is simulcast and archived on Tune in to the only show for the government contracting market! Our archives now have over 30 shows covering a variety a topics, many of which you will fiond events for out there that will charge you money. I have some of the most knowledgeable people in the market on my show and it is FREE! Check out the Audio Archives at .

As always, your comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.

Mark Amtower

The Amtower Report is published by Amtower & Company, and is written for companies targeting the government marketplace. The opinions expressed are those of Mark Amtower unless otherwise noted. Contact us at Amtower & Company, PO Box 314, Highland, MD 20777-0314 (301-924-0058). This material is copyrighted and may not be duplicated, reprinted or otherwise replicated without written permission of the publisher. Email subscriptions are free by request: sign up at

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